Custom color variant

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Custom color variation

Go to Product Setting of a product>> Add more some Color variants

First, you must go to Product Page settings to set up the Product option names to be displayed as Color style

This is how the Option names: Color display before configuration

  1. Eg) The Option names as you see are Black, Blue, Pink, Olive in order.  You want to change the default appearance of this Blue, Pink, Olive . The Blue should be darker, Pink should be brighter

Go to Section>>Custom color variation> Add choose color

Eg) I want to change the variant Blue darker

I want to change the variant Pink brighter


*** Select color 2 (optional)??

2. Eg) If these variants have 2 colors each, you can add 2 colors

Set up for Blue and Pink variants


*** Show image?

3. Eg) If these color variants have abnormal color, you can add image


4. Eg) *** If you want the variants to be show as Product images style not Swatch color style, you can go to Product Settings–> Swatch image variant


  • Swatch image variant

  • Swatch crop image variant

  • Swatch color

5. Eg) If you want to change the shape of the variant such as Square, Circle, Drop-down

Go to Product Page–> Style for option


– Combo box

– Combo box with out variant

–  Square

– Circle

– Radio button

– Radio button inline








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