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Go to Theme Settings -> General

1. Meta keywords for homepage(SEO)

2. Shop settings

    • Google Maps API key (required): You need enter an API key here to use our Google Map element.
    • Enable Import demo: When tick on option, site will show tab ‘Import Demo’. You can disable it to page admin loading quicker.
    • Use RTL: Support RTL languages with one click to turn on.:

+ If you tick on it:

    • Show additional checkout buttons: Once your customer click on it, they will go to Checkout page :

    • Show Scroll Back To Top

3. Catalog mode


    • Enable catalog mode: You can hide all ‘Add to cart’ buttons, cart widget, cart pages. This will allow you to showcase your products as an online catalog without ability to make a purchase.

* Untick on option to show all ‘Add to Cart’ on header.

* If you tick to this box: ‘Add to cart’ buttons, cart widget, cart pages will be hidden.

    • Operation:

4. Product item setting

    • Use wishlist: You can easily add the desired category of products to this theme by installing our free Nitro Wishlistapp.

Note: You go to Wishlist to know more.

    • Use quick view

+ After you click to “Quick view” button:

Go to Theme settings -> General

+ Scroll down to Product Item Settings

      • Enable Prevent Copying?: Prevent Image and Content Theft from Your Website
      • Enable falling snow effect?

      • Use rating homepage
      • Review app

Note: You can go to Product review to know more

      • Price varies settings

5.Quick shop setting

      • Use quick shop: Tick to show quickshop.
      • Swatch design setting: Choose style to show variants.

When you click to Quick shop

+ Variants with rectangle

+ Variants with radio

+ Variant with radio full width with color

+ Variant with rectangle with color

+ Variant simple with color

      • Swatch color setting for : Select layout to show swatch.

6. Products color homepage settings

Products color homepage will show here

      • Use color?
      • Swatch layout setting

+ Swatch color (Default or upload)

+ Swatch image variant

      • Swatch size for Design variants with color

      • Swatch style

+ Round:

+ Square

7. Label setting

Sale label is showed up when a product has Compare Price

Hot label is showed up when a product has tag ‘hot’

New label is showed up when a product is recently updated

      • Label shape

+ Round

+ Rectangular

      • Use sale label: Tick on to show sale label.
      • Sale label style: There are 2 types.

+ Text label

+ Precantage label

8. Agree to terms and conditions newsletter (GDPR Compliant)

9. Aspect ratio custom setting

You can upload image, and you have 4 choices radio custom.

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