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In default, Shopify not allow you add new custom field for product. So with Hooli we will help you understand how to bring custom field to your store.

Example: you can have different description, different video… for each product.

The first you need install this extension on your chrome by go to this link: SHOPIFYFD

After install you will see the icon in your browser:

When go to Edit Product, you need click to ShopifyFD icon and metafield will show.

You need enter fill these sections: Namespace, KeyValue, then click Save.

Hooli Theme support metafield for: Short Description, Additional Information, Size Guide, Countdown, Video, External/Affiliate.

Short Description:

Allow you show different short description for each product instead cut off full description.

1. namespace: meta

2. key: short_description

3. value: description excerpt content



If want show countdown on page single product, you need enter value date time for it.

1. namespace: event

2. key: countdown

3. value: value (yyyy/mm/dd)


Additional Information:

Allow you enter external/Affiliate link, Add cart function will be hidden.

1. namespace: meta

2. key: additional_information

3. value: Enter inforamtion here


Size Guide:

If you want upload different size guide image for each product (clother, watch, shoes…) you can use metafield with name: meta.size_guide and enter image link. See screenshot below:

1. namespace: meta

2. key: size_guide

3. value: image size chart url


Size chart will show:


If want show video, you need enter youtube video link for it.

1. namespace: meta

2. key: video

3. value: youtube url



Allow you enter external/Affiliate link, Add cart function will be hidden.

1. namespace: purchase

2. key: on_link

3. value: [Button name]link to external product



– Sometime you don’t see the metafield on product page or it said not loaded, please reload and click to metafield icon on browser again.

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