Create Mega menu

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*** Example:

If you want to make submenu show like this:

Part 1: Creat NAVIGATION

1. On the Navigation tab you can click Add Menu to create a submenu.

2. You need to create 4 menu item and each item you need to create new submenus:

+ Click “Add menu item”:

+ Enter “Name” & “Link” for menu item:

+ The menu items were created:

+ Add submenu for per item:

3. Then click “Save Menu”.

Part 2: Style for Mega Menu


Hover: When hovering over the menu, sub-menu auto dropdown.

Click: When clicking on the menu, Sub Menu will dropdown.

You click ‘Add Content’ to create a menu new for the site.

*** Sub Mega Menu Product:


*** Sub Mega Dropdown:


*** Sub Menu Dropdown:

Icon: You can go to this link Fontawesome Icons to get the name of icon, after paste Icon section.


*** HTML Block: User enter HTML code on custom HTML.

*** Menu Item No Childen: Just enter your name and link for this menu.

*** Menu Button:


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