Create a Menu

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1. Create new menu:

Step 1: Navigation->Add menu

Step 2: To create a new menu, you must fill in the name of menu and create some new menu items.


    • There are some choices for you in the link box.

And if you forget fill any box, you cannot create a new menu

Click to “Add”

Step 3: Add menu item for per item

    • The first, add a new menu item

    • The second, drag menu item which have added like this creenshot

    • In the end, you will have a per item of menu item. After, you only click to “Add new menu item to … ” to add per menu item.

Step 4: Click to “Save menu”

2.Setting color for label menu:

Go to Theme >> Sections >> Main Navigation.

Choose Sub menu

Click to Edit view

Write the name of label you want to show like syntax: Item[label_The name of label]

Go to Theme >> Sections >> Main Navigation. To set color for label


NOTE: Remember, the name of label must be the same, if it’s different, it won’t show.

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