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    1. 1. Go to Customize >> Theme Settings -> Currency tab. You can enter currency which you want work on your store.

Note: You can go to Converting currencies in your store to offer multiple currencies on your online store.

      • Enable currency conversion: Even though prices are displayed in different currencies, orders will still be processed in your store’s currency.
      • Enable currency conversion Visitor: Boost up your sales by showing your prices in the Visitor’s Currency!
      • Format: There are 2 types.
        + Without currency($10.00)
        + Without currency($10.00 CAD)
      • Supported currencies:
      • Default currency:


    1. 2. Go to Settings select General.

    1. 3. On section Store Currency click to Change formatting.

You must change your currency into this format, It’s required to make the theme work properly

You can copy and paste these snippets of code

<span class=money>${{amount}} USD</span>

<span class=money> ${{amount}}</span>

${{amount}} USD


Change text to your language

Copy the text you want to change. Eg) I’d like to change “Dashboard”

Go to Shopify admin>> Theme

Paste this text to search

Write translation>> Save


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