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Dear friends,

We’re really thank you for your purchase when choosing our theme.  We always try to do the best thing to make you satisfied and comfortable when using the theme.

We always put ourselves in your position to understand what the customer wants & try our best to make you feel free with the theme.

With us, you’re not only the customers, but you also are our friends, our best friend!!!

In this article, we just want to inform you:  Now, Gecko version 4 has been updated.  You will surprise about these powerful features.

First,  more 20+ layout demo suitable for the different products. You can view demo layout on Demo

  • As you can see, the design looks better. It’s easy to use, more convenient for the users.
  • The layout is spectacular, not make the customer feel uncomfortable.

Seconds, you can have more good features  for sale:

  • Update 2 header layout:

+ Header 8:

+ Header 9:

  • Promo banner : You can go to Sections -> Add Section -> Choose the section -> Then config it

+ Promo Banner  Number:

  • Config the section:


+ Promo Banner Outside

– Config it:


  • You can choose the font from Shopify or Google

  • Easy to config the height for the different devices on the Slideshow section

  • Import demo by drag JS json: This way helps the theme lighter.

– You can check this link to know more detail about the way update: Guiding

If you have recommended, let us know, please. We’ll discuss it and make the theme is better.

Thank for reading!!


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