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Go to Theme Settings >> Select General section.


+ Google API Key: You need enter obrain API key here to use our Google Map element.

+ MailChimp form action URL: if you are using mailchimp for email marketing campain, you need enter action URL to this textbox. You can read about mailchimp action URL at: Mailchimp Signup URL.

+ Enable Import Demo: When tick on option, site will show tab ‘Import Demo’. You can disable it to page admin loading quicker.

+ Use ajax cart: You can use to enable/disable ajax cart.

+ Use RTL: You can use to enable/disable RTL Support.

* If tick to Use RTL

* If not

+ Show additional checkout buttons:

Result: When click on this button, you will go to Checkout page

+ Show Scroll Back To Top: Tick on option to show buttpn Back To Top.

Catalog mode

+ Enable Catalog Mode:

* Untick on option to show all ‘Add to Cart’ on header.

* If you tick to this box, you can hide all ‘Add to cart’ buttons, cart widget, cart pages. This will allow you to showcase your products as an online catalog without ability to make a purchase.

Operation days


+ Wishlist: You can easily add the desired category of products to this theme by installing our free Nitro Wishlist app.

+ Use Quick View: You can easily add the desired category of products to this theme by installing our free Nitro Wishlist App

+ Show Image Second: When you hover to product, you can see the second image of product.

+ Enable Prevent Copying?: Prevent Image and Content Theft from Your Website.

+ Enable falling snow effect?:

+ Use Rating Homepage: Go back to Product Review to learn about it


+ Use Quick Shop?: Tick on option to use quick shop.

If you are not use Quick Shop

+ Swatch design setting: Choose style to show variants.

+ Swatch layout setting: Select layout to show swatch.


+ User Color: Tick on option to show color for product.

Swatch Color:

Swatch image variant:


**** Label Style:

+ Rounded:

+ Rectangular:

**** Sale Style:

+ Text Label:

+ Percentage Babel:

**** Sold Out, New and Hot:

Tick on these options to show: Sold Out, New & Hot Label.

Sale label is showed up when a product has Compare Price

–New label appear on the products that is published recentlty

–Hot label appear on the products that have the tag: ‘Hot’


You can setting color for: Sale, Sold Out, New & Hot Label on Styles and Colors section:

Lazy effect

Use ‘Agree to terms and conditions’ checkbox?


Favicon image: Select favicon image from libraries.

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