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Go to Theme Settings >> Select Collection Page section.

*** Top Product Categories:

**Categories menu in page heading

If untick

**Show all / Show a link list

* Show all: All the menus of Navigation will be showed here

* Show a link list: Only show menu item of the menu you selected

**Show breadcrumb

***Pages Heading Background: Set up Heading background image for ALL colllection page


If you want to set SPECIFIC images for each collection: Tick on box “Specify other image for particular page”>> Then go to Collection settings

*** Shop Page Layout:

** Style

* Default

* Metro

* Masonry

** Shop Layout

* Full width

* Content full width

* Sidebar left

* Sidebar right

** Sidebar size

There are 3 types: Small, Medium, Large


* Default

* Load more button

* Infinit scrolling

** Product columns

** Product style

* Style1(Default)

* Style2(Text Ccnter)

**Use sale countdown: Only show on the product which have Metafield/ShopifyFD

** Countdown style

* Ajax shop: Enable AJAX functionality for filters widgets on shop.

* Scroll to top after AJAX: Disable scroll to top after AJAX.

* Shop filters.

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