Config footer layout on Basel – Responsive Shopify Theme

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Step 1: Go to Sections -> Footer Layout -> Click on “Add content” & choose the type you type of the content you want.

(Special is the width of the menu on Desktop, Tablet & Mobile)


  1. Add menu:  It shows the menu which setup on Navigation

+ You can go to Online store -> Navigation -> Add menu to create the menu which you want to show on Footer

+ Then, you can set up the for it


2. Logo: You can add the logo & the icon social media by using this


There are 2 ways to show social media when ticking on “Show social media icons“: Follow & Share.

You can go to Theme settings -> Social media -> Setup for it:

+ Social sharing option:

3. Custom HTML:  You can add the payment icon in here:

4. Newsletter signup: 



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