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You want to sell more products in this time, you want to increase revenues, decrease inventory, increase sale. It’s not too difficult to do it, if you use Nitro App. Supposing, you’re a customer, you want to buy some product, but the value of them is too much. And you see the bundle have all of them, I’m sure the customer will buy that bundle. Why not?


Product bundling is the combining of two or more products, services together, creating differentiation and greater value, therefore enhancing the offer to the customer for a basic rate. Classical examples are a McDonald’s meal, which usually includes the inseparable mix of fries, a coke, and a hamburger, and Microsoft Office, offering a set of features with most customers using a small fraction, but paying for all of them.

Creating bundle is unlimited. Therefore, you can create a lot of different bundles. And the customer can choose the bundles suit for the hobbies, style, economic ability of them. I’m sure you’ll sell many products in a short time.

You’ll have a trial period. After deciding to buy it or not. So why don’t you try to apply the features of Nitro App for your store right now?

How does it work?

It’s a simple way to use! After installing Nitro App, paste a snippet code to code section in your themes.

Now, you can start to use this app in several minutes with 3 easy steps: 1. Fill in information of bundle 2. Select a main product and add some products in bundle 3. Select discount types which customers will get if they purchase the bundle instead of one product.

For example: create a “Colorful Jacket” bundle, then pick a shoes and a sweater together and offer a discount for this bundle. If customer take just one of the items out of the cart, they no longer get any benefits and they pay for full price!

The reasons why you should use Nitro App

  • Easy to install
  • Creating bundle is unlimited.
  • Limit the number of purchasing bundle or not.
  • There are many discount types: amount, percentage, free products, discount code and free shipping
  • Allow to set campaign start/end time apply for each bundle.
  • Specially, you can set position of bundle anywhere you want.
  • Convenient for your customer when they go to visit your store.
  • Customize call to action buttons
  • Customize notification settings
  • Your customer can easy see the bundle purchase when you visit to your store.
  • There are a team with quick support.

Install the App here 

You can refer to this App documentation here

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