Shipping Infomation

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  • Background Image: Select image from libraries.
  • Background Color: Set color for background.
  • Use container?: Tick on option to use container.
  • Margin: Enter value for margin (top-right-bottom-left).
  • Padding: Enter value for padding (top-right-bottom-left).

  • Select column width: Select columns width for a box.
  • Icons font for shipping icons: Enter font for icon.
  • Icon Align: Select position to show of icon.
  • Icon Size: Select size for icon.
  • Icon Color: Set color for icon.
  • Text Align: Select position to show text block.
  • Heading: Enter heading for shipping info.
  • Heading Color: Set color for heading.
  • Text: Enter text for shipping info.
  • Text Color: Set color for text.

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