Collection List

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    • Title: Enter title/sub title for collection list.
    • Categories Product Count Title: Enter product count title for collection list.
    • Categories View: Enter categories view for collection list.
    • Layout: Select layout to show the products. There are 4 types:

+ Default

+ Masonry

+ Masonry(with first wide)

+ Carousel

  • Categories Design: Select design to show the categories.
  • Space Between Categories: Select space between the categories.
  • Autoplay Speed in milliseconds: Set speed in milliseconds.
  • Use autoplay?: Tick on option to use autoplay.
  • Use Arrows?: Tick on option to use arrows.
  • Use pagination control?: Tick on option to use pagination control.
  • Use Infinite loop sliding?: Tick on option to use loop sliding.
  • Slides To Show: Set number slides to show.
  • Breakpoint: Set number slides will show on small screen.
  • Use container?: Tick on option to use container.
  • Margin: Enter value for margin (top-right-bottom-left).
  • Padding: Enter value for padding (top-right-bottom-left).

  • Collection: Select collection will show on collection list.
  • Image: Select image from libraries.
  • Select column width: Select column width for collection list.
  • Select column mobile width: Select column mobile width for collection list.


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