Section Title

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Go to Customize >> Sections >> Add Section >> Section Title:

  • Row stretch: Select stretching options for row and content.
  • Select column width: Set columns width for testimonials.
  • Title: Enter title here.
  • Subtitle: Enter sub title here.
  • Text after title: Enter text after title.
  • Title style: Select style to show for title.
  • Title color: Set color for title.
  • Title size: Select size for title.
  • Subtitle font: Select font for sub title.
  • Title align: Selecr position for title.
  • Background/Border color: Set color for background and border.
  • Border style: Select style to show border.
  • Borders Integer px : Enter value for border ( top-right-bottom-left).
  • Margin top/bottom: Enter value margin top/bottom.
  • Padding: Enter value for padding ( top-right-bottom-left).
  • Disable Section?: Tick on option to disable title section.


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