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Go to Customize >> Sections >> Add Section >> Newsletter Signup:


  • Use Mailchimp: Tick on option to use mailchimp.
  • Row stretch: Select stretching options for row and content.
  • Full height row: You can tick on option to can be set to full height.
  • Columns position: Select columns position within row. Note: only apply for full height.
  • Equal height: You can tick on option to can be set to equal height.
  • Content position: Select content position within columns.
  • Use video background: Tick on option, video will show as background.
  • YouTube link: Add link video for background.


  • Background/Border color: Set color for background and border.
  • Border style: Select style to show border.
  • Borders Integer px : Enter value for border ( top-right-bottom-left).
  • Margin top/bottom: Enter value margin top/bottom.
  • Padding: Enter value for padding ( top-right-bottom-left).
  • Use Basel parallax?: Tick on option to use parallax.
  • Use Basel gradient?: Tick on option to use gradient.

  • Gradient Style: Select style for gradient.
  • Color gradient 1,2: Set color for gradient.
  • color opacity 1,2: Enter value opacity for gradient.
  • color Location 1,2: Enter value location for gradient.
  • You can use color gradient 3 & 4 if you want.


  • Heading: Enter heading for newsletter.
  • Subtitle: Enter sub title for newsletter.
  • Subtext: Enter text for newsletter.
  • Color: Set color for title, subtitle and subtext.


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