Icon Boxes

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You can refer to this article to know about how to set up general things General Settings of Sections


++ Dark mode?

++ Line separator?
++ Medium size?
++ Color



++ Item Title section

  • Add title, subtile for the section

  • Reverse title and subtitle? the subtile is above the title

++ Item Simple content

  • Content align: left/center/right
  • Icon font: visit here to copy the name of the icon that you want to use, then paste it to the input box
  • Icon image: select an image for the icon

You can add multiple items


++ Item Circle icons

Result: the icon is in a circle

++ Item Box icon side


Add mutiple items

Result: the icon is on the left, next to the content

++ Item Icon box card

Add multiple items


++ Item Icon box card 2

Add multiple items

Result:  the icon is rounded by border as a square

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